Roseau, Dominica – Windward Islands Cricket Board (WICB) held its Annual General Meeting in Dominica on May 28, 2022. The all-day meeting took place in the capital, Roseau.

High on the agenda of the meeting was the financial report.  WICB directors enjoyed a very positive update from their Treasurer, confirming that the organization is financially stable.

A revamp of cricket, particularly at the senior level, was top of the priority discussed in the meeting. The newly appointed Technical Director, Miles Bascombe, presented a comprehensive plan. There was also confirmation of the return of the sub-regional tournaments in the Windwards, with Under 19 Boys and Senior Men returning in July and October, respectively. Camps have been confirmed for Under 15 Boys, Under 17 Boys, Under 19 Girls, and Senior Women.

The board also approved a Legends program. This entails two West Indian Legends, a bowler and a batsman, visiting the four Windward Islands countries to conduct skills training sessions. The program will be executed from September to October.

WICB President Dr. Kishore Shallow expressed satisfaction with the meeting.

“It was a productive meeting, where we delved into cricket matters and discussed the future of our cricket. The Technical Director presented a practical plan that, once implemented, will surely see the game evolve in the Windwards and, by extension West Indies. Off the field, the positive state of our accounts is timely as we look to make some necessary investments in the development of cricket. My colleagues’ enthusiasm from the meeting certainly suggests an exciting few years ahead for Windwards Cricket,” said President Shallow.

WICB’s AGM is constitutionally due in May of each year.