Grenada- A week ago, the most talented female cricketers from throughout the Windwards converged in the lovely Spice Isle for the 2024 edition of the WICB Women’s Super 50 and T20 Champions. It was a tournament of excitement and excellence. Dreams came through for many but there was heartbreak for those who expected more of themselves. However, at the end of it all, St. Lucia did spectacularly and emerged as the winner of both the Super 50 and T20 tournaments. So let’s jump in and see what exactly went down for each team in Grenada…

St. Lucia: The Double Champions!
St. Lucia was a team that entered this competition motivated and determined to reclaim the trophy Grenada took from them last year. The St. Lucians started their encounter with a match against Dominica and from this match, you could already tell they were going to be a force to be reckoned with. An all-around good team performance and a standout century complement Nerissa Crafton’s showed the depth of the team’s squad. The ladies from Helen of the West Indies would win the Super 50 Tournament unbeaten. The St. Lucians would then take that momentum into the T20 segment of the championship and also clinch that title undefeated. 

When one looked at the St. Lucia team on the field or at the crease you could tell that their preparation, cooperation and execution were a level above the rest, and the overall results of the championship proved this. The St. Lucians played excellent cricket and were rewarded with their respective accolades. While some teams were built on the pillars of certain players, St. Lucia could rely on almost anyone at any time to make a match-winning contribution which is why they ultimately finished as the Double Champions.

Grenada: So close but yet so far!
Grenada was certainly the team best equipped to challenge St. Lucia for the championship. They had a strong start to the tournament when they defeated St. Vincent and the Grenadines and then Dominica the following day. While their victory against Dominica was not their most convincing, it certainly demonstrated the many traits that would eventually bring the championships within their grasp. From 49 for 7 and chasing 150, no one would have expected the Spice Girls to recover from such a precarious position but they did. The fighting spirit they displayed instilled a belief in almost everyone that they had what it would take to safeguard their championship, however, St. Lucia did not share that belief.

The Grenadians faced St. Lucia in both the Super 50 and T20 finals but it was St. Lucia who was victorious in both encounters. Grenada often had some exceptional individual performances from their experienced players, however, the total team efforts by the St. Lucians came out on top whenever the two teams played.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines: What once was…

The Vincentians were once upon a time the team to beat in this tournament. They often went toe to toe with the table-toppers and were no strangers to coming out of this championship with a trophy or two. Despite that, this tournament was different.  It was like a bad day in the kitchen for St. Vincent and the Grenadines. They had all the right ingredients to make for an excellent dish, good experienced players and a lot of potential, but when it came to putting the dish together, they never really got cooking. The ‘Vincies’ registered their only two victories against Dominica who, themselves, faced a similar dilemma. 

St. Vincent and the Grenadines had some good performances in the field and at the crease but often they were individuals who stood out rather than the team as a whole. The 3rd-place finishers left the tournament with their best performance still in their armoury waiting to be put to use. Maybe if they clicked the headline would be different but the unknown shall remain as just that for now.

Dominica: A team of so much promise
Dominica was a team that showed not only the potential to do well but also the ability. Their campaign started with a loss to St. Lucia, however,  their ability to bat the full 50 overs in that match, while chasing, was a feat that no other team accomplished. They then came oh so close to recreating the David vs Goliath story when they narrowly missed defeating Grenada. All that was needed in that encounter was for someone to hit the kill switch but no one ever did. In the end, Dominica’s best batting performance came in their final match against St. Vincent. Although they didn’t win their final game, they displayed the composure and depth in the middle that was missing earlier in the tournament.

Dominica was a team of so much talent, it’s just that when the going got tough, the tough never really got going.

Women’s Super 50 and T20 Top Performers
After the dust had settled on the final day, the standout players were recognized for their contributions to their teams’ performances. The full list of awardees is accessible here: WICB Women’s Championship Awardees but you can also see some of the main awardees below.

Experience and Effectiveness… Dominican captain Pearl Etienne emerged as the tournament’s leading run-scorer

The woman who does it all… Afy Fletcher receives her MVP of the Tournament Award. She took 13 wickets (the leading wicket-taker), scored 144 runs and copped the POTM award in Match 2.


She scores runs at the crease and ensures that wickets fall when she’s behind the stumps. Namiah Marcellin collects her award for the wicketkeeper with the most dismissals


Safest hands on the field: Carena Noel receives her award for the player with the most catches

Windward Islands Senior Women’s Team


Lead selector, Mr. Craig Emmanuel, also took the time at the closing ceremony to announce the list of talented women who will represent the Windward Islands in this year’s CG United Women’s Super 5o and T20 Blaze scheduled for St. Kitts from March 4th to 25th. You can view the full team below.