St. George’s, Grenada – As of December 8, 2021, Windward Islands senior players in the franchise system will participate in an instructional programme called ACE, the acronym for Advancing Cricketers through Education.

ACE comprises a series of courses and seminars that will furnish Windwards’ cricketers with knowledge and the necessary off-the-field skills and mental tenacity to be the utmost professional, which will help them to realize their fullest potential. A diverse group of experts will facilitate the various courses under the ACE programme. The sessions will mostly be done face-to-face. At the end of the two-month programme, each player who participated fully will receive a certificate.

Dwain Gill, Windwards Cricket’s CEO (ag), expressed that ACE is expected to bring tremendous value. “As an educator and cricket administrator, I greatly appreciate the importance of finding the synergy between education and cricket; undoubtedly, there is a correlation in performance. ACE has the potential to add immense value, positively impacting the way our cricketers play the game,” posited Gill.

President, Windward Islands Cricket Board, Dr. Kishore Shallow, also shared confidence in the new programme. “ACE is a fantastic developmental opportunity that could evolve into a template for advancing our cricketers in the region. I have always been a fervent advocate for balancing education and sports, and ACE is consistent with that philosophy,” echoed President Shallow.

Some of the categories covered under ACE are cricket, physical fitness, life skills, and mental skills. Specific topics include the History of West Indies cricket, Cricket analytics, Attitude & Motivation, Concentration & Managing Emotions, Communication, and Money management.