Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines – “WINLOTT Inc. continues to make the dreams of many youths from the Windwards Islands possible with unparalleled sponsorship of our regional tournaments. As recently as December 2023, the organisation showed its support when it again sponsored the WINLOTT Inc Windwards Under-15 tournament with an amount of, $130,000.00. Fast forward to April 2024, the organisation has not only decided to sponsor the upcoming WINLOTT Inc Windwards Under-19 tournament, it also decided to increase the sponsorship amount to a total of $155,000.00 to cover additional expenses associated with travel and operational cost…”. These were some of the words by the CEO of Windward Islands’ Cricket, Mr. Romel Currency when asked about WINLOTT’s commitment to youth development throughout the Windward Islands.

This year’s WINLOTT Inc Windwards Under-19 tournament will take place in Dominica from April 6th – 15th. Significantly, the tournament would see a shift from four (4) to six (6) games per team being played. The tournament remains a 50-over tournament and would therefore serve as the primary mode to select the Windward Islands Under-19 team that will play in the Cricket West Indies Rising Stars Under-19 tournament scheduled to be played in St. Vincent and the Grenadines immediately after the 2024 T20 World Cup. The last three West Indies Under-19 teams were captained by players from the Windward Islands, all of whom were given the opportunity through WINLOTT Inc sponsored tournaments.

The CEO of WINLOTT Inc, Ms Allison Thomas, said that the company was pleased to renew its commitment to youth cricket throughout the Windward Islands – something it has done since 2015. She further remarked that WINLOTT Inc has contributed over $2 million since the start of the organisation’s goal to work with the Windward Islands Cricket Board (WICB) in safeguarding our cricketing future. She alluded to other areas in social and sporting development that WINLOTT Inc continues to buttress with financial and administrative contributions, and also encouraged patrons to continue their support for sporting and social development through their own support of WINLOTT’s games.

This year’s WINLOTT Inc. Windwards Under-19 tournament will be promoted under WINLOTT’s Super 6 brand. All games will be streamed live on the Windwards Cricket Facebook Page.

About WINLOTT Inc: Windward Islands Lottery Inc. is a non-profit entity set up by the National Lotteries of the four Windward Islands, Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. WINLOTT Inc. currently operates the jackpot game Super 6 which is played in all four islands.  

Dominica Squad: Jahson Vidal (Captain), Earsinho Fontaine, Dionne Rolle, Lluvio Charles, Darrin Toussaint, Ammiel Gilbert, Kyne George, Jelant Joseph, Edmund Morancie, Kester Lestrade, Kenneth Valmond, Joel Durand, Moriah Thomas, Chris Toussaint. Mervin Thomas (Coach), Claudius Sanford (Manager).

Grenada Squad: Jerel Jeremiah (Captain), Kirsten Murray, Kirt Murray, Divonie Jopseh, Devin Tyson, Kellis Andrew, Deshonte Thomas, Ronell Walker, Mahid Lambert, Desron Williams, Donte Alexander, Rickell Sylvester, Enoch Toussaint, Clevon Bartholomew. Clyde Telesford (Coach), Randel Baptiste (Manager).

St Lucia Squad: Tarrique Edward (Captain), Steven Abraham, Theo Edward, Khan Elcock, Jonathan Daiel, Sacchin Ceephal, David Naitram, Royce Paul, Lee John, Isiah Jones, Kervin Cassie, Shawnil Edward, Aaron Joseph, Jeandell Cyril, Garey Mathurin (Coach), Eldridge Charles (Assistant Coach), Dalton Polius (Manager/Assistant Coach).

St Vincent and the Grenadines: Luke Wilson (Captain), Solomon Bascombe, Kirtney Franklyn, Joe Williams, Damali Phillip, Jodi Grant, Elran Glasgow, Kevin Shallow, Jorden Charles, Javon Richardson, Kevin Joseph, Devonte McDowell, Jawayne Adams, Watson Seaton. Elron Lewis (Coach), Parnel Browne (Manager).

7 April 2024 – 9:30 AM
St Vincent and the Grenadines vs Dominica – Benjamin Park
St Lucia vs Grenada – Geneva Playing Field

8 April 2024 – 9:30 AM
Dominica vs Grenada – Benjamin Park
St Vincent and the Grenadines vs St Lucia – Geneva Playing Field

10 April 2024 – 9:30 AM
St Vincent and the Grenadines vs Grenada – Benjamin Park
Dominica vs St Lucia – Geneva Playing Field

11 April 2024 – 9:30 AM
Dominica vs St Vincent and the Grenadines – Benjamin Park
St Lucia vs Grenada – Geneva Playing Field

13 April 2024 – 9:30 AM
Grenada vs Dominica – Geneva Playing Field
St Lucia vs St Vincent and the Grenadines – Benjamin Park

14 April 2024 – 9:30 AM
St Vincent and the Grenadines vs Grenada – Geneva Playing Field
St Lucia vs Dominica – Benjamin Park